Growing Movement to Legalize the Marijuana Cultivation

Even with the growing movement to legalize and decriminalize the cultivation, dispensing, and use of medical marijuana to aid in the treatment of certain diseases, it is still technically illegal in the federal level.


One of the primary concerns against the use of medical marijuana in its natural form is that it is administered through smoking.  The United States Food and Drug Administration has even explicitly warned the public that smoking medical marijuana run the risk of being addictive, and, thus, abused. FDA authorities pointed out further that there is still no technically accepted medical use for cannabis in its natural form. There is even no accepted safe way to use it.


To address this concern, certain other types of administration have been popularized. Medical marijuana can be inhaled through a vaporizer wherein only needed cannabis compounds are used through inhalation after extraction.

Edible medical marijuana is also available to be used as an ingredient for baking. It is, then, ingested. It has even been touted that in this form, the effects are longer lasting. Smoking marijuana through vaporizers is also recommended and you should definitely read this vapir no2 review to learn more.


But the federal government did not stop on its criticism on the use of medical marijuana. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, medical marijuana is “unpurified” and has several substances that are not yet proven to be completely safe, with unknown health consequences. It is proven to impair certain cognitive functions, rendering the user, also impaired in their capacities and utilites.


Despite these criticisms, however, medicinal marijuanais gaining popularity with the growing number of those campaigning for its complete legalization.


I just finished reading this great article about a study that was released regarding the medical benefits of marijuana when treating Chron’s Disease and posted at snoop dogg vaporizer website.  Chron’s is this nasty digestive thing where your intestines have an inflammatory response to some kind of chemical balance in your digestion.  It has long been generally accepted by medical cannabis supporters that cannabis is an excellent treatment for digestive system issues, ranging from loss of appetite to nausea.  It is refreshing to see a legitimate study (a double blind placebo test, nonetheless) finally prove beyond doubt (the federal government can no longer acknowledge that Cannabis is a schedule 1 drug in good conscience) that marijuana has medical uses.


It’s an uphill battle for medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver and elsewhere that medical marijuana is legalized, because they still deal with the distinction of ‘Schedule 1 Substance’ from the government.  Many independent sponsored studies were done to try and create positive traction for medical cannabis, but they usually lose traction once they hit the mainstream media.  When we have studies and patients that say to Supreme Court Justices, “Marijuana cured my disease,” it makes it hard to keep classifying it as a Schedule 1 drug, at least in theory.



I recall they said the study had 12 participants who were given 2 joints with controlled amounts of THC and CBD, and 12 patients who received a placebo.  5 of the 12 who received cannabis reported 100% relief and complete elimination of all symptoms of their intractable (untreatable) Chron’s Disease.  Another five of those 12 reported 50% or more decrease in their symptoms and discomfort.  Of course, nobody who got the placebo got any help. Thankfully, medical marijuana will hopefully be made readily available for them, and with the trend of the cannabis industry, they might even have coupons for marijuana before they know it.

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